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Natural Selection Strikes Again


2 Fathers = 48 Kids By 35 Different Mothers


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Going Ape for Chicken


(WTKR) MAY 25--Meet Lonneshia Shafaye Appling. The Georgia woman, 26, was so determined to shoplift beer, bacon, cheese, and chicken wings from a Piggly Wiggly that she punched, spit at, and pepper-sprayed store workers who confronted her as she tried to flee the supermarket Wednesday afternoon, according to cops.

Appling, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, allegedly hid items worth $88.27 in a canvas bag. She "attempted to check out, only putting one item on the counter," according to a worker quoted in an Athens-Clarke County Police Department report.

When a Piggly Wiggly employee--who had been tipped to the pilfering by a shopper--asked Appling about the concealed items, she tried to exit the store. After worker Jonathan Orr tried to stop Appling, she "pulled out some pepper spray and sprayed him in the face."

Sambo's In the Doghouse Again


Moving to Norfolk?


Whatever made this White family think that a negro hood could possibly ever be a "nice place to live"?  And immediately the negro hoodligans procede to beat up her son, only because he is White. Americas, who are the haters? When the hell is White America ever going to waken to the fact that negros are savage criminals, and can not possibly be anything else?

More Advanced African Culture, Part 2


In this video, the unfortunate negro was caught stealing potatoes. Imagine what the negros who infest America would get if they were ever caught by these savages!

More Advanced African Culture, Part 1


In this video the Kenyans are burning witches. We thought all negros were witches?

Negress Goes Ape in Evolution Class



Description: In evolution class at Florida Atlantic University
"The slide we were on just before was about Female Sexual Selection. For instance, female peacocks have selection in their mates, preferring the males with the bigger train of feathers.. Somehow she went off on some tangent with a question about how does Evolution play a role in the killing of all black people...
She was escorted out of class and I heard she was tasered and arrested by the police "- Rachel Bustamante

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