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Pre-Pubescent Brazilian Girls Meet Mr. Testicles

It is indeed true that most Brazilian girls are experienced enough to suck a man's prostrate gland out through his penis by the time they are 12, and no wonder testicular cancer is such a pest. However Brazil is now trying to make itself a model of health care awareness through its new icon, Mr. Balls. We just hope that it doesn't catch on in the English-speaking world, although that may well be a hope without a (snowball's) chance in hell of surviving.

The Jewish media in the United States rather purposely introduced the blow-job to a generation of young girls and boys when it lamented Monica Lewinsky's blue dress on the six o'clock news for six months, six days and six hours. Now if the Jewish media in the United States has its way, pre-teens all over America will have Mr. Balls posters in their classrooms, and stickers on their lunch boxes. Watch out, boys and girls, Mr. Penis can't be far behind.

We are certain that their first names are Mortimer and Schlomo.

The original article can be found at the New York Daily News:

Mr. Balls, aka 'Senhor Testiculo,' goes to bat for cancer research 

El Bano? No Comprende!


Should potted plants in public buildings really double as toilets? Obviously there are Mexicans who would think so! What are you going to do when your daughter brings one of THESE home? No, not the plant, dummy!

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