Filthy India

We only wanted to preserve these here, in case the original site ever deletes the page. There is no doubt India and its people are the filthiest, most bastardized people in world history. But Chinese, Mexicans, Africans and South Americans, and most other non-Whites, are right behind them. It is funny to see Chinese picking on India.

Filthy India Photos, Chinese Netizen Reactions

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Note from Fauna: The following post and collection of photographs spread on the Chinese internet in 2008.

Reflections in the midst of extreme poverty and filth — a record of a trip in India

India is the dirtiest country I have ever been to. I have heard people say that Pakistan, which is to the west and Bangladesh, to the east, are worse, but that is probably beyond the limits of my imagination.

In two months in India, I went from south to north, visiting some tourist towns that I had read about. I also went by train and bus to countless towns and open fields that weren’t so famous, and everywhere there were people had something in common — dirty, messy and stank. Interestingly, I also saw countless foreigners having a great time.