Avarice and Altruism, a Trick and a Treat

Comparing the two videos below, the trick is the avarice of the fat black beast who would steal all the candy and leave a child an empty bowl.

The treat is the altruism of the young White boy who would rather sacrifice some of his own candy so that the next child is not disappointed to find an empty bowl.  

Lucky Mouse Buffet

Here a Chinaman eats live baby mice. These beasts that westerners somehow think are "people" really do eat ANYTHING. We hope you enjoy your next Chinese buffet, but we will be eating at home.


The Proper A-tire to Breakdance A-fire


Woman no longer a "Civic Nationalist"

Every once in awhile, someone gets the courage to face reality and come to a better awakening!


Another Spring Break, another Sheboon Bikini Brawl

This time it's Miami... March, 2019



When a Jew Speaks the Truth

When a Jew makes a truthful admission, it is usually for the sake of some other agenda, perhaps even sympathy. Evidently, this is also why there are so many advertisements in the media for razors and related grooming products.

Recently published on the "respectable" Jewish website, The Forward, is the headline Sarah Silverman Says As The Only Jewish Kid At School She Felt Like a ‘Hairy Monkey’

If we said that, we would be accused of hate speech. So here we will only agree with Sarah. At least most Jews are indeed hairy monkeys, or more properly, devils trapped in hairy-monkey bodies.

Spoofing the Beast

Whatever the original music was, we do not care. The replacement is a great improvement.


Nigger, Get a Job!


Chinese Organ Trafficking


Evidently, these Chinese villagers caught a pair of their own stealing children. One motive may be organ trafficking.

We would not exclude the possibility that they may instead have ended up being ground into wantons at a local eatery.

Cats, rats and dogs are not the only protein sources popular among these beasts.




Why We Hate Sodomites

Sodomites have taken their perversion and turned it into a pseudo-science in order to give it an aura of legitimacy. All of these labels as seen in this Canadian Teacher's union literature are only a mask for sin and corruption. The so-called "people" that devise and produce this literature should be taken out and hung to dry in the public square, as they would have been just a few hundred years ago.

Dark Creatures are Racist


Republicans on Illegal Immigration in 1980

Presidential candidates Ronald Reagan and George Bush, who would later become running mates but here are competitors in the primary elections, debate in Texas over illegal immigrant access to public schools. Clearly the handwriting was on the wall at that time, that these Republicans were willing to accomodate law-breaking invaders just as much as any Democrats were.


Coons Over Miami, Part 2


Coons Over Miami

What do Nigggers do in times of trouble? They LOOT!


Chinese Gardener's Lucky Lawncare Lunch

These "people" eat ANYTHING.


Savage Wedding

These are tribal savages with all the benefits of western clothing and buildings and other utilities and accoutrements, but they are still savages.


The Value of Memes

The media commonly uses perception rather than facts in order to create public opinion. Perception is formed by what the media presents in images much quicker and more efficiently than what it presents in words. This is the value of memes, however the media has been using memes ever since the first photograph appeared in a "news" article.

Here is an example. At the popular Natural News website, a Blonde White female "scientist" is pictured in an article describing crimes that were committed in a crime laboratory by a non-White chutney monkey.

Why picture a White woman in an article about a crime committed by a non-White? Because they know it leaves the impression that Whites are also criminals, and they cannot be accused of "racism" reporting crimes committed by aliens.

For this same reason, when on infrequent occasion a news report containing black-on-white crime is reported, television news producers usually have a black or other non-white reporter present the story.

The original story is found here: State of Massachusetts caught using falsified lab tests in convictions; thousands exonerated after fake science exposed, or click here for a screenshot.

The actual perpetrator of the crime, Annie Dookhan, who was known when the Natural News article was written, is pictured below from a scene in the courtroom where she was convicted:



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