Yellow Demons

Lucky Mouse Buffet

Here a Chinaman eats live baby mice. These beasts that westerners somehow think are "people" really do eat ANYTHING. We hope you enjoy your next Chinese buffet, but we will be eating at home.


The Cat in the Kettle


Chinese Organ Trafficking


Evidently, these Chinese villagers caught a pair of their own stealing children. One motive may be organ trafficking.

We would not exclude the possibility that they may instead have ended up being ground into wantons at a local eatery.

Cats, rats and dogs are not the only protein sources popular among these beasts.




Chinese Gardener's Lucky Lawncare Lunch

These "people" eat ANYTHING.


Nigger-hating Polynesian on Final Conflict TV program

We really think that the motive for broadcasting this was to make racism look bad, and the negro in a suit to look like some sort of eloquent genius. It was probably all planned and scripted from the beginning. Just another page from the cultural marxist jewish playbook.


Mudshark and her Chink boyfriend freak on smell of Kobe Bryant's sweaty armband


We really do not know which is more disgusting, a White woman having a Chink boyfriend, or a White woman freaking on the smell of an Apefrican Negro's sweaty garment. But the most disgusting part is where the Chink boyfriend freaked on the sweaty monkey aroma first!


Tastes Like Chicken???


But they ALL look like yellow monkeys!


Cat-Eyed Chinese Boy


See the original Fox News article here.

Quick! Someone call Joseph November (Eli James)!!!

Two Heads are Better than One!