Black Demons

Is it really the White Man's fault that Negroes do not like the Great Outdoors? Is ABC News really "news"?


Gutter-Mouthed Reporter Goes Ape


Beast Beats Cop, Steals Car, Doesn't Get TOO Far


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Black man steals from Wal-Mart, then steals police car

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – A dashboard cam recorded an unusual altercation between police and a South Carolina man who got into a fight at a stop, then promptly stole the police cruiser and drove off at high speed before crashing into a landscaping truck.

According to police, Arthur Lee Thompson, 38, was pulled over after an alert was posted for his green Jeep, following a robbery attempt at a local WalMart last Friday. Thompson allegedly attempted to steal a computer and, when confronted, punched a store employee in the mouth.

As seen in the dashboard cam video released by police and posted online by CBS Affiliate WCSC, Thompson exited his Jeep when he was stopped, disobeying the officer’s commands, and then attacked the policeman.

But WE KNOW that They are Animals


Walk Like a Man


So is this where "they" came from?

The American Negro: An Omnisexual Beast


Millions of these beasts are sitting in prisons all over America right now, dreaming about the day that they finally get ahold of your White daughters. Or if not, then perhaps your sons. Or your grandmothers, or dogs, or whatever they can get their hands on.

They Call This "Fishing"?


Leroy Finds a Fifi


We saw scenes just like this one in American prisons a thousand times. Well, close, anyway....

Excuses For Anything


Well, the so-called holocaust gives jews an excuse to justify practically anything, and now slavery gives negros the same. So there are no bounds of incivility or indecency for these hominids - they have eternal excuses for their sins. This is laughable. It amounts to a religion that only jews can love. When are White men and women ever going to wake the hell up and see the demons in their midst?

This bimbo claims to have been "educated". We dispute that. The liberal jewish media has normalized decadence!