Demonic Rabbi Freaking OutThe intent of this website is to throw stones at the devil: to expose the treachery, hypocrisy, and satanic acts and intentions of those most prolific Anti-Christ bastards and all destroyers of Christian European civilization. So we exhibit Jews, Negroes, Muslims, Arabs, Chinese, and other so-called indigenous natives as they really are, from their own photos, videos, and whatever else we can get onto a website. Then sometimes we even pick on Whites themselves, for their own stupidity, whether pagan, atheist or (supposedly) Christian.

Doing this, we hope to contribute in some small way to the awakening of White Christians and the evils of the Anti-Christ devils, who are the murderers of Christ and the longest-running crime ring in history, as well as to the evils of the things they promote, such as liberalism, multiculturalism, diversity, sexual perversion, and every other vile thing under the sun.