White Wolves

Republicans on Illegal Immigration in 1980

Presidential candidates Ronald Reagan and George Bush, who would later become running mates but here are competitors in the primary elections, debate in Texas over illegal immigrant access to public schools. Clearly the handwriting was on the wall at that time, that these Republicans were willing to accomodate law-breaking invaders just as much as any Democrats were.


Maine Democrat Senate Candidate Richard Fochtmann laughs about rising White male suicide

Richard Fochtmann, pronounced "fucked man", speaks at a public forum held by the Maine Democratic Partyshortly before the November. 2016 elections. The attending Democrats evidently think his remarks celebrating increasing suicide rates among White males were funny. Too bad the party didn't choose to offer Kool-Aid as a refreshment for the event.

Some liberal websites, such as the Daily Caller, are claiming that an attendee had immediately called Fochtmann out for his joke, and that Fochtmann even apologized. But oddly they do not produce any evidence to support the claim. We think any such immediate apology would nevertheless be disingenuous, as the things that Fochtmann had said certainly reflect his genuine feelings, and the acceptance among these Maine liberals which was expressed by the laughter of the entire group show that at least a significant number of them are in agreement with him.

Fortunately, Fochtmann was defeated in the general election by a 2-to-1 margin (Ballotpedia). But somehow we doubt whether this parasite will ever get a real job.

Donald Trump Likes Pussy, But Bill Clinton is a Rapist, and Nobody Cares


Hillary Clinton Proud to Get Child Rapist Off Unpunished

In the 1970's young lawyer Hillary Rodham lied through her teeth to get a child rapist off with a wrist slap. Discussing it years later, she seemed rather proud of her "accomplishment".

There should be no surprise whatsoever, that her husband shares her ethics. Hillary and her husband are eternally Deplorable!

The Consummate Hypocrite: Terblanche Delport

If Terblanche Delport thinks that Whites should die, then he should make an example of himself and lead the way. Otherwise, he is just another spaghetti-brained hypocrite posing as an academic. So we will patiently await news of his impending suicide...

Or he is an absolute phony.

‘Whites should die’: academic’s call at Univ of the Witwatersrand

A lecturer in philosophy yesterday said at a radical antiwhite, anti-Afrikaner conference at the University of the Witwatersrand that “whites should die”. The lecturer, Terblanche Delport, from UNISA, was reported by the Johannesburg newspaper Beeld as saying that “the only (life) purpose for whites, specifically Afrikaners, is to await their death or to commit suicide, like the sumarai falls on his short sword when he has fallen into disgrace”.

His statement comes amid a wave of anti-white and anti-Afrikaans racial feeling in the country with Afro-Marxist groups calling for the ethnic cleansing of Afrikaners from the country, and campus riots regularly breaking out. His call for whites to either commit suicide or passively await their deaths, presumably at the hands of black revolutionaries in a race war, was delivered at a conference on “Afrikaner identity” organised by the “Department of Diversity Studies” at the University of the Witwatersrand run by another radical, cultural-Marxist academic, Melissa Steyn.

According to Delport, “white supremacy could only be ended once whites are dead”. He continued: “We should be prepared to die silently, without having children, so that white supremacy could come to an end at last.”

Read the rest of the story at Praag.org

Hillary Clinton Campaign Worker Training - You Can Have Sex with Animals?


Okay, so this is really from the Occupy Wall Street crowd in NYC, at Zucotti Square. But it is all the same characters.

The Blue Ridge Boys

They just don't make rednecks like they used to. So we were sitting at the Fannin Brewing Company in Blue Ridge, Georgia and spot these two Sodomite faggots publicly making out. And all of the other customers seemed to be purposely oblivious to their disgusting presence. So we stood up and zoomed in for these pictures while making a few loud comments about their Sodomy and what should be done to Sodomites according to the law of God.