Maine Democrat Senate Candidate Richard Fochtmann laughs about rising White male suicide

Richard Fochtmann, pronounced "fucked man", speaks at a public forum held by the Maine Democratic Partyshortly before the November. 2016 elections. The attending Democrats evidently think his remarks celebrating increasing suicide rates among White males were funny. Too bad the party didn't choose to offer Kool-Aid as a refreshment for the event.

Some liberal websites, such as the Daily Caller, are claiming that an attendee had immediately called Fochtmann out for his joke, and that Fochtmann even apologized. But oddly they do not produce any evidence to support the claim. We think any such immediate apology would nevertheless be disingenuous, as the things that Fochtmann had said certainly reflect his genuine feelings, and the acceptance among these Maine liberals which was expressed by the laughter of the entire group show that at least a significant number of them are in agreement with him.

Fortunately, Fochtmann was defeated in the general election by a 2-to-1 margin (Ballotpedia). But somehow we doubt whether this parasite will ever get a real job.