Yellow Demons

A Haircut Cannot Fix This Ugly

Where does "beast" end and "man" begin? Well... we can answer that question. But the Godless world does not want to hear it.


Roast Bat

Coming to a cafe near you...


The Vermin-Gobbling Goblin

So, would you still consider these beasts to be "people"?


Another Day in Chinatown

Or perhaps, How Crispy Duck is Made.


The Future of China

This is what happens when you give genetics technology to devils. In fact, this is also how these devils themselves had come into existence!


Japanese Live Frog Special

LOL @ the thought of "civilized" gooks!


Lucky Mouse Buffet, Part Two

Now another Chinaman yearns to become a star eating live baby mice for Youtube fame and fortune, or maybe only TikTok. These beasts might only be attempting to trigger us, but they really do eat just about anything that moves, and a lot of things that don't. We can only advise you to stay away from that Chinese buffet, or they will be feeding these things to you! Or perhaps, eating you instead. Better pay your bill.


Lucky Mouse Buffet

Here a Chinaman eats live baby mice. These beasts that westerners somehow think are "people" really do eat ANYTHING. We hope you enjoy your next Chinese buffet, but we will be eating at home.


The Cat in the Kettle


Chinese Organ Trafficking


Evidently, these Chinese villagers caught a pair of their own stealing children. One motive may be organ trafficking.

We would not exclude the possibility that they may instead have ended up being ground into wantons at a local eatery.

Cats, rats and dogs are not the only protein sources popular among these beasts.