Hunting Goes High-Tech


Every Redneck should have one of these!

Solar Zionism: Get your tickets now!


Newsflash! The Planes that Hit the Towers on 9-11 Were Really Holograms!


No planes, Thermo-nuclear weapons, directed energy weapons, all the bullshit conspiracy theories are designed as rabbit-holes to detract from the real issue at hand: That Jews are responsible for engineering the events of 911!

See the prrof at

Jews in Space? This is a Joke, Right?


Okay, the only reason why this is even funny, is because everyone knows that jews cannot ever go to heaven. Once they are dead, that is IT - lights out!!! So we will consider this a sort of hybrid comedy-space fantasy, just like the jews themselves!

The Really Rascally Little Rascals


Vesuvius and the Jews

In 79 AD the Roman cities of Pompeii & Herculaneum were destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius. There is now solid evidence that this was a result of the retribution of Jewish scientists who wanted to avenge Rome for the destruction of Jerusalem.