German Police Officer Attacked Wrong Man, Ends up Dead

Sadly, one German police officer had to learn the hard way, and we can only pray that his co-workers also learn from this event. Rather than tackle the criminal, who is easily seen because he is certainly not German, this cop tackled one of the men trying to stop the criminal, and his bad decision ultimately cost him his life. 

Silly politician thinks "the people of the United Kingdom" are "the American people".

Yes, that is what he said. "... the American people. In this case the people of the United Kingdom..." What a dummy. Then he goes on to cry about Israel. We guess he thinks they are also American. He also thinks we can teach muslim invaders about  "western values" so he is totally clueless. 

Homo EBT recipiens

Scientists call this biped "Home Ergaster", but it looks like a typical Negro. In that case, the name is all wrong. It means "working man". Really? We are not so certain that the typical Negro should be confused with the concept of work. "Homo EBT recipiens" is far more appropriate.

The Wiggers Video

This is dedicated to Martin Lindstedt, the jewish slob from Granby, Missouri, and the King of All Wiggers. Well, he is really a jigger (jewish nigger), but he can wear the title anyway!