Abbie Hoffman Quotations

[The jews warned us what they were doing. We didn't listen. We still don't! - Lithobolos]

A modern revolutionary group heads for the television station.

Avoid all needle drugs, the only dope worth shooting is Richard Nixon.

Become an internationalist and learn to respect all life. Make war on machines. And in particular the sterile machines of corporate death and the robots that guard them.

Expedience, not justice, is the rule of contemporary American law.

Free speech means the right to shout 'theatre' in a crowded fire.

Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals


Once again, Israel has been caught with spies at the highest levels of the US Government.

At the heart of the investigation are two people who work at The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington. The FBI investigation, headed up by Dave Szady, has involved wiretaps, undercover surveillance and photography that CBS News was told document the passing of classified information from the mole, to the men at AIPAC, and on to the Israelis.

CBS sources say that last year the suspected spy, described as a trusted analyst at the Pentagon, turned over a presidential directive on U.S. policy toward Iran while it was, "in the draft phase when U.S. policy-makers were still debating the policy." This put the Israelis, according to one source, "inside the decision-making loop" so they could "try to influence the outcome." [CBS News]

Meet Mike Murdoch, Professional Demon

Yes, this man is a demon. For the cost of a cheap laptop, he is looking to rake in about $174,000 a month by hoodwinking 3000 greedy suckers for $58 each, all in the name of religion. However exactly WHAT religion is yet to be determined. We would call it murdochism, because you surely won't find any of this garbage in the Bible, or even in the Koran, Vedas, or the records of any other ancient creed. In fact, the Talmud comes close, but not even the jews tell stories like this. At least, not until murdoch came along. We think he is just another sheep-fleecing wolf.