October 2011

Truth in Advertising


Real truth in advertising is a jew named "SATANovsky"!!! It's almost as if they are telling the truth. Indeed they know who they are, devils incarnate!

El Bano? No Comprende!


Should potted plants in public buildings really double as toilets? Obviously there are Mexicans who would think so! What are you going to do when your daughter brings one of THESE home? No, not the plant, dummy!

Occupy Atlanta: Mindless Marxist Morons


This crowd awed us with their abject stupidity and their absolutely child-like subjection to a jewish ring-master. Led by obvious jews and sexual deviants, this is the face and mentality of the New Bolshevism.

It is wholly evident that this meeting was conducted with pre-planning by a small group trained to set an example so that the larger number could be thoroughly brain-washed.