March 2012

Hitler's Bonker


The Companies Pushing SOPA Are The Same People Who Distributed The Piracy Software


Negress Goes Ape in Evolution Class



Description: In evolution class at Florida Atlantic University
"The slide we were on just before was about Female Sexual Selection. For instance, female peacocks have selection in their mates, preferring the males with the bigger train of feathers.. Somehow she went off on some tangent with a question about how does Evolution play a role in the killing of all black people...
She was escorted out of class and I heard she was tasered and arrested by the police "- Rachel Bustamante

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Is there any doubt that negroes are beasts? Have they shown any different? Anywhere and any place is a urinal. Where ever you have Africans you have Africa.

African Culture for Everyone - And a Pill for Racism?


A pill that could prevent racism?

Scientists believe results show racism fueled by fear

British researchers found that a common heart disease drug lowers more than blood pressure - it lowers racist attitudes as well.

Researchers at Oxford University say that volunteers who took small doses of the beta blocker propranolol scored lower on tests used to detect "subconscious" racism than volunteers who took a dummy pill, London's The Telegraph reported.

Propranolol is used to reduce blood pressure, and can also manage panic and anxiety disorders.


But watching the video above, all we can ask is this: Where is the pill that will cure us of niggers?