December 2015

Nigga Can't Mess With Whitey


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WHY did Hitler Intern the Jews?


For Two Thousand Years, Jesus was a White Man....

For two thousand years, it was a well-known fact that Jesus was a White man. The classical histories and classcial art of Greece, Rome and the Near and Middle East prove beyond all doubt that the populations of those areas were all White. The "browning" of the ancient world did not begin until the Islamic invasions and the conquest of the area by the Arab hordes of the south.

But now with the proliferation of niggers in the West, we ee ever-increasing claims that Jesus was a nigger. Perhaps it is natural for people to want to imagine a god in their own image. His feelings are hurt because Whites imagine that their God is White! These dumb niggers should go get their own god!

Now, in the New York Post, we read that the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art has been accused of "whitewashing baby Jesus", and some dumb nigger is suing them for it. This the the joke that Western society has become.

Met accused of whitewashing baby Jesus

A Manhattan man is suing the Met, claiming it’s committing sacrilege by depicting Jesus as a blond.

“Racist” paintings portraying Christ as an “Aryan” male should be removed from the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Justin Renel Joseph argues in his Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

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Before it's over, it's going to get a lot worse...

The New Stone Age: Coming to a White Nation Near You!