Black Demons

Whose Your Daddy? Negro-faced Goat Born in African Village


Everybody's heard of billy-goats, but what is this? Leroy? Shaquille?  Tyrone?

White Country Folk Invented Negro Culture - Negros Steal Everything From Whites and Destroy It

The droopy drawers, pants down around the thighs. The spoken lyrics, so-called rap music. These things were being done by Whites long before the first negro left his belt at home and realized that it made him feel good to advertise his ass to the world. At least the White man who invented the look had sense enough to keep his shirt tucked into his low-flying trousers.

Eat the WHAT?


Slayer, Angel of Death - the music appropriate to the material


It's Free! Swipe Your EBT!


Nigger Savages Beating Pregnant White Woman


Originally found on YouTube:

Text accompanying the post there:

This is a disturbing video. The source claims the victim is pregnant and that the attackers knew it. She is attacked by several black females and one is allegedly a transvestite. Later, others join in and issue threats against the woman, calling her a snitch.
Around 2:15 someone off camera (likely the person recording the video) says, "World Star Hip Hop," etc.

Why do Whites even think that these beasts could possibly be "people"?

Soon Coming to a City Near You, Or a Suburb Even...


This is Chicago. It could be any American city. Wherever Negros go, the result is Africa.

Negro shot himself right in the foot!


As he was saying, "I'm the only one in the room professional enough ... to carry a Glock ..."  Many police instructors are misfits that are put into training jobs to get them off of the streets.