The Blue Ridge Boys

They just don't make rednecks like they used to. So we were sitting at the Fannin Brewing Company in Blue Ridge, Georgia and spot these two Sodomite faggots publicly making out. And all of the other customers seemed to be purposely oblivious to their disgusting presence. So we stood up and zoomed in for these pictures while making a few loud comments about their Sodomy and what should be done to Sodomites according to the law of God. You could hear a pin drop in our vicinity, and some people were obviously quite uncomfortable.

Our first hint should have been the maibock, which they call "brasstown bock" but which was also far too sweet. We'll stick to the traditional Hofbräuhaus maibock. Fannin Brewery shouldn't get a bad rap for a few homosexual (the PC word for Sodomite) customers, and some of their other brews were better. There are other good microbreweries here in Northeast Georgia, but unfortunately there are also many more disgusting faggots.